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Glostone Trucking Solutions

Your trusted one-stop regulatory compliance and best practice partner with Managed ELD services.
Glostone serves the trucking industry with complete truck licensing, safety, fuel tax reporting, telematics & Managed ELD services, accounting, driver training and DOT compliance solutions since 1996.

Glostone Trucking Solutions has the experience and expertise to help any company operating trucks to lower costs while staying DOT compliant, tax smart and road legal. Our mission is to become your trusted advisor for your trucking Best Practices, Safety and Regulatory Compliance needs.

We use our compliance expertise and experience, aided by technology, to make your compliance data – trip reports, hours of service logs, tax and registration filings, and driver qualification files – is accurate, understandable, storable, and actionable. We also manage your ELD data to work for you.

We deliver this information, and recommendations for further actions, in a timely manner to make sure we deliver on our promise to make your compliance operations cheaper, more accurate, and more efficient.

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 GeoTab can be used as a standalone asset tracking system or serve as a total telematics platform customized to your needs. GeoTab offers an entire marketplace of applications, including an ELD app, that allows you to build a platform that will serve you today and can grow with you as your needs change. Marketplace applications are easy to integrate using your own tablet/smartphone (Android & Apple compatible –Download app from the Apple App or Google Play store) as well as other devices such as Garmin.

Installation of the unit is a simple “plug and play” with a variety of cabling options available to fit any truck. We provide videos and other step by step instructions. The typical installation takes under 10 minutes. Still too much trouble? We can help you arrange for a professional installer.

Our staff will help you customize a system that will fit the needs of your operation all with no contract and a future proof replacement guarantee.
Glostone Trucking Solutions is an authorized re-seller and partner of GeoTab, a world leading fleet tracking device.

Plus... Geotab offers free upgrades as technology changes! Not having to face buying new equipment as technology and networks evolve makes it a smart investment.

• Started in North America in 2000
• World’s largest provider of telematics to enterprise fleets
• World class security & best practices
• Plug and Play Installation
• No Contract
• Work with your own in-cab device: Cellphone or Tablet
• Trip History
• Second by Second Data Stream

Glostone Trucking Solutions combines Telematics Deployment with Telematics Best Practice System Management to accomplish regulatory compliance faster-cheaper-more accurately than doing it yourself.

Add performance, productivity and safety metrics and Glostone can also help you lower operating costs, improve driving behavior, decrease turnover, and increase your revenue per mile.

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