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HOS-Reporter is a driver friendly, mandate compliance solution at a great low price
HOS-Reporter is a driver friendly, mandate compliance solution at a great low price. It was engineered to serve the unique needs of the owner-operator and small fleet trucking market. It includes FMCSA certified e-Logs for ELD, electronic vehicle inspection reports and automated IFTA data logging.

Every HOS-Reporter subscription includes an easy to install GPS device, the Atlas. Just tell us if you have a 6-pin, 9-pin, or OBD Heavy 16-pin connector. We give you the flexibility to use whatever tablet or smartphone that fits your needs.

HOS Reporter Pro lets you choose the pricing plan that’s best for you, and the ability to add and subtract drivers whenever you need to. Our no-contract, month-to-month plan lets you test our solution without a long-term commitment. Since you can cancel any time, it also means that we have to deliver great service month after month.

Once you’ve decided that our solution is the right fit for your mandate compliance needs, you may convert to a One-Year or Two-Year Pre-Paid plan and save even more. See our pricing table in the images/videos section to the right.

Support is provided at no charge for the life of your subscription and the Atlas in-cab GPS device also comes with a lifetime warranty. If it ever fails, we replace it at no cost. Forever.

For carriers needing driver accountability tools, we offer a full fleet-tracking and vehicle maintenance solution. Contact HOS-Reporter for more info.

HOS-Reporter Pro is available in both Android and iOS.

HOS-Reporter Pro includes everything an owner-operator equipped with a smartphone or tablet needs: It includes:

Atlas GPS device

ELD e-Logging App

Admin Login/Driver Login

Vehicle Inspection App

IFTA Mileage-by-State App

Lifetime Warranty/Support

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 HOS-Reporter Pro is a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) solution. To lower cost, many owner-operators and smaller fleets will choose to use the smartphones and tablets they already have. HOS-Reporter Pro suggests that drivers use a tablet dedicated to mandate compliance since it will dominate the use of a smartphone or tablet for full time drivers. The app will use an estimated 50 Mb per month.

Not all BYOD solutions are created equally. The HOS-Reporter Pro Atlas stores all driving data necessary to recreate an unidentified driving log should the smartphone or tablet be damaged, lost or simply runs out of power. Any BYOD solution without this feature will eventually place the driver out of compliance with no way to correct an unassigned log. The Atlas device stores this vital data if the smartphone or tablet is not present when the vehicle is being driven.

This same issue applies to single-payment solutions without subscription fees. The burden of safely storing mandated records falls to the driver and the hope that the tablet or smartphone is never lost, damaged or stolen. HOS-Reporter Pro safely manages your historical data with triple backups and all data is copied from the tablet to our servers automatically.

The parent company of HOS-Reporter builds the Atlas. No middleman means you pay less. The experience gained from over 3 million connected vehicles is built into every Atlas. The ELD mandate is new to the trucking industry, but in-vehicle telematics is not new to us. Trust our experience to bring you the best mandate compliant solution at an unbeatable price.

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