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Affordable. Easy Deployment, Proven.
ISE Fleet Services offers eFleetSuite, the compliance application suite that runs on the A317 in-cab computer. The A317 is a ruggedized computer with color touch screen display that includes GPS, J1708 and J1939 connections. The A317 communicates to the web portal wirelessly using a fast, dependable nationwide cellular network. The A317 meets the FMCSA 395 Subpart B regulations and is architected for future regulatory updates.

Each application is a complete end-to-end solution consisting of an easy to use in-vehicle interface, cloud hosted web portal, and communication channel which exchanges information between vehicle and web portal.

• Electronic Driver Logs automates driver and back-office record keeping of all information required to comply with Hours of Service reporting. Companies have visibility to real-time driver/vehicle availability.

• Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting assists drivers with electronically documenting pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Reports are filed automatically and back-office personnel are notified of issues requiring repair.

• Compliance Mapping is designed for single and multi-vehicle operations. ISE’s Mapping application shows the location, duty status and availability of all drivers/vehicles to improve fleet visibility and operational performance

• Fuel Tax Data Collection records fuel tax data such as GPS and odometer readings which can be sent to third party fuel tax providers for filing.

eFleetSuite’s valuable compliance solutions deliver an all-in-one solution that will help you stay compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Key Benefits:

• Reliability - CMV ruggedized, directly connected

• Protection of personal data - No handing your phone to inspector

• Cybersecurity - No Bluetooth hacking

• Compliance dedicated for ease of use

• Proven - The assured compliance that comes from our experience

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 A317 Hardware Kit:

The A317 is a rugged in-cab terminal with a 7 " color touch screen display that runs ISE's Driver Logs, DVIR, and Fuel Tax Data Collection applications. This self-contained display includes all the necessary wireless communication, GPS, and J1939 connections to the vehicle needed to automate compliance reporting. The A317 does not require the installation of a separate black box. The kit includes the A317 display, RAM mount, GPS and cellular antennas, J1939 vehicle interface cables 9-pin black, adaptors available for other connections), installation guide, DOT instruction sheet, and vehicle sticker. The A317 display comes with a 12-month warranty.

Monthly Subscription Service:

3-Year Monthly Subscription Service for A317. Service includes the following: Electronic Driver Logs, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting, Mapping (fleet and asset activity including route history, status changes and DVIR locations, not intended for in-cab navigation), Fuel Tax data collection (Fuel tax reporting services are acquired through third parties and not included in this service). Also included in service is cellular communications and unlimited website access for users. Services to be billed monthly and subject to early termination fees per the Service Agreement.

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